• Let the Saints Speak to You through their Letters!
    (Delivered to Your Mailbox)

    Each week receive one letter penned by a saint. Printed on fine paper and sent to you through the postal service.

    Grow in your devotion to the saints through their own words.

    Give the gift of inspiration and wisdom from the saints delivered every week.

  • Benefits


    Make a deeper connection with the saints as you read their personal letters.


    The letters help you grow in your your devotion to the saints and to the Lord.


    Every week a letter from a saint will be waiting for you at your mail box.

  • FAQ

    Are these "real" letters?

    Yes. The letters you receive are reproductions of actual letters written by saints. The letters are from various sources including archives, special collections, and private collections.

    Why should I join?

    Through the letters, you will have the opportunity of receiving in the mail the words of saints as they wrote them for their readers and now for the increase of your own faith. The letters provide you with an intimate look at the saints through their own words written to relatives, friends, superiors, and spiritual directors,


    Every week you will be able to open a real envelope, unfold the crisp paper, and be inspired by the wisdom of the saints. Receiving the letters like the original recipient cannot be matched by reading the letter on your smartphone or computer.

    When will my first letter arrive?

    The letters are sent via first-class mail once every week. Your letter should arrive a few days after being sent.

    Do you deliver internationally?

    Letters are sent worldwide wherever mail is delivered. Due to the higher cost for international postage, there is an additional cost for postal addresses outside the U.S.

    Which plan is the best deal?

    The yearly plan offers the most value of any plan offered. One year of letters for just $10.33 a month. The 3-month ($13.33/mo) and 6-month ($13.33/mo) plans are also great values.

    Is there a theme to the letters?

    Each month has a particular theme, from letters written by popes (e.g. St. Leo the Great and St. John XIII) to letters for spiritual direction to letters by Doctors of the Church (e.g, St. Teresa of Avila and St. Frances de Sales). Would you like to request a theme? Send an email with your request.

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