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Learn with these five-day, free Catholic Online Courses

Each one of us is called to continue to learn about our Catholic faith. In these five-day, free email courses, you can learn about the saints, Scripture, and prayer.

How it Works

After you sign up, you will receive a welcome email. Starting the next day, you will receive one email per day with the lesson for that day. There are a total of five lessons.

Each lesson is designed to be neither too short nor too long. At the end of each lesson there is summary of the lesson, an action to take, and a preview of the next lesson.

Take one at a time, and if you want to learn more, you will be given an opportunity to sign up for another course when you complete one.

Finally, if you want, you can provide feedback on the courses in order to make them better.

Pope Saint John Paul II with a heading of Take a free five day email course on the saints Learn about the why and how of saints click here to sign up

The Why and the How of Saints

Why are there saints? How does someone become a saint? How do you explain the saints? Learn the answers to these questions and much more in this 5-day email course.

What people have said about the saints course

"I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the course! The information you provided gave me new information, insights and a fresh perspective. Thank you."

"Excellent in making me understand God more and what he is saying to me as well as others."

"Nice basic lesson on the saints and how they become saints."

Learn 5 Important Ideas about Scripture Every Catholic Should Know Take a Free 5-day email course. Click here to start with an image of an illuminated page from the Bible

Five Important Ideas about Scripture

Be more motivated to read Scripture by learning about 5 important ideas which the Catholic Church teaches and you should know about Scripture.

What people have said about the Scripture course

"The course was illuminating So many questions I had had were answered providing me with thoughtful insight as I read the Bible. God answered my questions through you."

"Very concise, clear and in simple terms easy to understand. Very 👍 good."

"I saved many downloads which I know will help me reading Scripture."

How can I pray more throughout the day? Learn five ideas for praying more in a FREE five day email course. Click to Sign up Today? with an image from the painiting entitled the Angelus

Easy Ways to Increase Prayer in Your Daily Life

How can you pray throughout the day? Learn five ideas to increase your prayers throughout the day.

What people have said about the prayer course

"This was an awesome course so illuminating. Touched my heart for God and answered so many questions on how to know him more, better, and living as he desires."

"Good course to enhance prayers to our Lord Jesus."

"A very practical and useful guide for enhancing prayer with Scripture memorization."

Five Ways for Catholic Men to Pray More

Five Easy Ways for Catholic Men to Grow Thir Prayer Life Sign up for a Free 5-Day Email course with an image of a man kneeling and praying the Rosary with a crucifix on the wall behind him

Real Catholic men pray. How can Catholic men become prayer warriors? Learn 5 easy ways.

What people have said about the men's prayer course

"Excellent content."

Build Your Catholic Faith with Free Weekly Saints Stories

Also, consider the lives of the saints. We can learn from them how to live out the Gospel in our every day lives.

We can learn from their examples to help us be better Christians and the salt and light that the Lord called us to be.

And an easy way to learn about the saints is through stories about the saints. To receive free weekly saints stories, just sign up below to a receive a new saint story in your inbox every week.

Sign up below to receive free weekly stories about the saints. Let these stories inspire you to live and share your Catholic faith.

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