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    You might wonder how the saints can help you deal with the daily stresses of life while you try to grow closer to God. On this page, I have included saint resources that can help your family and you. This page will continue to grow over time, as I add new resources.


    Many of the resources here are free. Some contain affiliate links. If you use them, I will receive a small commission, but there is no extra cost to you. I recommend these resources because I use or have used them myself, and I have found them to be helpful. There are certainly many other options, but these are simply what I have used and found to be beneficial. (Please send me any suggestions you might have.)

  • Praying with the Saints Every Day

    Tools to Help Make the Saints Part of Your Devotional Life Every Day

    Voices of the Saints by Bert Ghezzi

    Voices of the Saints is a wonderful book written by Bert Ghezzi in which he introduces you to 365 saints through their own words. Each saint is given two pages in the book. As the title of the book suggests, you get to know the saints through their own voices.


    The entry for each saint includes an excerpt from something the saint wrote or said as well as biographical information to help you become familiar with the saint.


    With 365 saints, you could add one saint per day to your spiritual reading and become more familiar with the saints. The book is arranged in alphabetic order by name, but you can also read about the saints in chronological order beginning with the Blessed Virgin Mary and continuing with the guides that lead you to the next saint. Either way, it can make for a great Catholic daily devotional to take you throughout the entire calendar year.


    I read from this book every day and enjoy learning more about the saints I encounter in its pages.


    Bert Ghezzi's book certainly can be a welcome addition to your prayer life as you let the saints help guide you on your journey with the Lord.

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