• Resources for Catholic Small Businesses

    Resources that I would recommend for helping you run your Catholic Small Business

    Over the years, I have used a number of different tools to help run Letters from the Saints. And, this page is for any Catholic small businesses who might want recommendations for software or services that can help them run their businesses.


    Also, I am happy to meet with anyone who is running a Catholic small business. (Or, if you are considering starting a Catholic small business.) I have benefited from connecting with fellow Catholics in the ministry-business field, and I am happy to help if I can. (Also, no worries, as I have nothing to sell you.) Just use the contact form at the bottom of this page, and I will get back to you.


    Note, that some of these links are affiliate links. If you start a paid subscription with one of these resources using a link from this page, I will receive a commission or discount on my subscription to the service.

  • Email Service

    If you are running any kind of business whether online or brick and mortar, you should have an email list. Email is the absolute best way to keep in touch with people who will benefit from your services and products.


    Even if you are connecting with people who walk into your store or via social media, you really should be collecting their email addresses because it is the hands-down best way to keep in touch with people. And, unlike a social media platform, you can always keep your email list if something happens to your social media account.


    From day one, I have used MailChimp to manage email addresses. I use it to gather them, and I use it to send emails for Daily Saints Wisdom, the Weekly Post Card, and for the Free 5-Day Email courses.


    It has a full set of features for everything from creating forms for collecting emails to setting up autoresponding messages to setting up email sequences. And, of course, it allows you to manage your list of email addresses and to send one-off emails, as necessary.


    I am certain there are other great email programs, but based on my experience, I am happy to recommend MailChimp.


    Also, there is a free plan that you can use until you exceed 500 contacts.

  • Web Site

    Another essential service is a web site. Yes, it is possible to run a business without a web site, but, today, people who might purchase your products and service expect to find a web site. If they search for your company name and do not find one, they will be skeptical about your business.


    Also, it helps to have a website to generate interest and to the contact information of people who are interested in your products and services.


    From the start, I have used Strikingly. It includes everything you need to very quickly set up a professional-looking website. There are dozens of templates to choose from, and you do not need to be either a web designer or web programmer to use Strikingly to set up a website. It includes easy-to-use features that allow you do everthing from displaying your images to having forms that collect information from people interested in your goods and services to adding a store for customers to use for purchasing your goods and services.


    Currently, I have three websites on Strikingly. And the annual cost for all three sites is equivalent to the cost that some hosting sites charge for hosting one one website.


    You can start out with a free plan to see what you think. (Affiliate link)

  • Web Forms

    Although Strikingly supports basic web forms for collecting information or for purchasing products and services, you might need specialized forms.


    For example, if you want to add a quiz to your website. Or perhaps, you need a more complex web form that supports subscriptions like Letters from the Saints.


    You can use Paperform to help you with every type of form that you can imagine. It is very easy to use and to embed into your web pages. (Affiliate link)

  • Payment System

    When I was starting, I knew that I needed a payment system that could handle recurring charges. The weekly letters are purchased on a subscription. The only system I found that could do that was Stripe.


    It has proved to be robust and reliable with fairly reasonable charges for transferring money from Stripe to my bank account.


    Stripe integates easily with Paperform which makes it simple to make changes or to add coupons.


    Strikingly also works well with Stripe for purchases that are just one-time payments instead of monthly subscriptions.


    From my perspective, Stripe has been exactly what I needed.


    Also, you can give Stripe a try for free. So, go ahead, test drive it, and decide if it is right for your needs.

  • Getting Expert Entrepreneurial Help

    Being an entrepreneur is difficult, and you need expert support and help.


    If you are serious about getting help as well as helping others on their journies, you might want to consider SPI Pro.


    SPI Pro is run by Pat Flynn who has a great story of having started an online business after being laid off from his dream architectural job. Ever since then, he has grown his own business of Smart Passive Income while helping thousands of people in every aspect of having a business, whether it is passive income or not. He truly models his service-first business model through all of the help he provides.


    SPI Pro is a community of entrepreneurs that his team and he have built which provides all kinds of training and expertise. Personally, I have benefitted from the courses, the ability to ask questions of experts, and my mastermind group. And, I have learned from the community members as well as having been able to share lessons from my experience.


    If you are ready to grow your business and get expert help, consider joining SPI Pro.

  • Catholic Marketplace

    If you sell Catholic physical or digital products, you might want to consider listing your items on Peter's Square. It can be a great place to get your products in front of a Catholic audience.


    It is free to set up an account, and it showcases your Catholic maker products. For each purchase, Peter's Square takes a small commission.


    Check it out as a place to start listing your items.


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