Angels in the Bible (Instant download)

Angels in the Bible (Instant download)

Introduce your children to the angels. Share the great gift of the angels through this illustrated eBook. Help your children understand the answers to common questions about the angels. Show them the important roles which angels have played throughout Scripture.

The eBook includes beautiful works of art to accompany the questions and the brief synopses of stories from the Bible involving angels.

There is a separate section that lists Scripture references for all of the stories along with the list of the works of art shown, suggestions for how to make the most the eBook, and a printable guardian angel prayer.

Teach your family about what the Church teaches about angels.

Learn some of the key stories from the Bible from Genesis to Revelation that include angels.

Perfect for catechesis and homeschool.

The book is provided to you through a download link sent to your email address which you enter at checkout.

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18 pages
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